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The team

Fati N’zi-Hassane

Head, Skills and Employment for Youth Programme, African Union Development Agency – AUDA-NEPAD

South Africa

Jane Bech Larsen

Fund Management Expert, Team Leader


Harald Habermann

Project Director

Germany, South Africa

Julia Leiss

Deputy Project Director


Mildred O. Lesole

Project Management and Administration

South Africa

George Afeti

Skills Development Expert

South Africa

Richard Koussek

Procurement Expert

South Africa

Sabina von Kessel

Communication and Design Expert


Maurizio Pieroni

Construction Expert

South Africa

George Bester

IT Expert Monitoring and Evaluation

South Africa

Sofia Bahri

Country Consultant


Ayele Gizachew

Country Consultant


James Wamwangi

Country Consultant


Alain Tsemogne Sado

Country Consultant


A D K Muhammad

Country Consultant


Thabang Matobako

Country Consultant

South Africa

Jean Adote-Bah Adotevi

Country Consultant


Frank Boahene

Country Consultant