Call for Concept Notes in Nigeria: SUBMISSION DEADLINE EXTENDED by Two Weeks!

July 05, 2021

Due to popular demand and requests from applicants, the submission deadline for Concept Notes under SIFA Funding Window I in Nigeria has been EXTENDED BY TWO WEEKS. The new submission deadline for Concept Notes Proposals is: Monday, 26 JULY 2021 at 17:00 UTC+02:00. Please be aware that Nigeria is in a different time zone - The countdown clock in the bottom left corner of the SmartME system shows the exact time remaining for submission. Please complete and submit your Concept Note Proposal via the online application system SmartME at well in time before the deadline to avoid problems in case of unexpected technical or other difficulties. After the deadline, the SmartME system will not allow Concept Note Proposals to be submitted any more.

All published general questions and answers about SIFA and the Concept Note proposals can be found at Answers to questions received by 02 July will be published shortly.

PLEASE NOTE - Due to the extension of the submission deadline for Concept Notes, the period for asking questions has also been extended: If you have specific questions concerning the Nigeria Call for Concept Notes, please submit them via the contact form on the website at by FRIDAY, 16 JULY 2021. Questions received after this date cannot be answered before the application submission deadline. Only the SmartME Support for technical functionality problems will be available continuously in the “Support” section in SmartME. In case of technical functionality problems in SmartME, please consult the SmartME Support as soon as possible.

We would also like to inform you that the list of registered potential partners has been updated in the “Apply” section of the website under “Meet Your Partner”. The list can be downloaded directly via the following link: If you would like to be added to the list, please register by FRIDAY, 09 July 2021 under the following link:

We look forward to receiving your Concept Note Proposal.

Best regards,

SIFA Fund Management Team

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